The Form of Human Life


The project was inspired by the irregular composition of the human body and the pollen of plants aiming to convey that everyone is a unique individual. The material of the garment was applied with various colored wigs in irregular shapes in between dissolvable fabrics. After stitching them together carefully and washing out the dissolvable fabric, the garment was made by draping it with the fabric.

A Game


The outcome of The Form of Human Life was used in this collaborative project with London College of Communication.

Our moving image compilation was inspired by diversities of origins and similarities found in our childhood games. Coming from Hungary, Lithuania, India, Taiwan and Poland, we wanted to express diversity and uniqueness but also playfulness and innocence of a child before conditioning by society. We emphasised the impact of the environment that one grew up in by incorporating fashion objects as everyday objects and simple narrative to suggest linearity of growing up.

Photographer: Lili Krisztina Gyarmati, Marita Upeniece

Fashion: Syuan Lin, Shivani Sheth, Weronika Przysada
©Syuan Lin All right reserved