The Statue of Ambiguity


The concept of "The Statue of Ambiguity" reflects on how society often shapes predetermined images of behavior for boys and girls, leading us to judge others without truly understanding their multifaceted nature. Inspired by sculptures expressing various stories and forms, I believe clothing is like soft sculpture attached to the human body.

The "Sculpture trousers" is a design crafted from the familiar woven fabric used for traditional suits. When viewed from the front, it appears as a flat and ordinary pair of trousers. However, when observed from different angles, its shape transforms into diverse and unique forms, just like the top.

This design incorporates common clothing styles we encounter in our everyday lives, such as trousers and white shirts. Using scraps of material to create the white shirts not only minimizes waste but also adds a special expression to each piece. The philosophy behind this design is also rooted in returning to the essence within, avoiding the meaningless hierarchy of traits. Whether one prefers a modest or extravagant style, it is crucial to cherish each other's qualities because the universe is interconnected, and all things are interlinked. The traits possessed by others, whether we appreciate them or not, are also parts of ourselves.

The Statue of Ambiguity showcased by the talented singer Refound and creative DJ Joy at their gig on 3 August, 2023 at the Night Owl in Finsbury Park, London.

Photographer: "London.nanzhi," who captured this design through his unique experiences and gentle lens, presenting a different perspective of the visual world immersed in the essence of this project.

©Syuan Lin All right reserved