Transformable wedding dresses


This project explored innovative pattern cutting methods on the conventional white wedding dress so it can be re-worn after the wedding day. Ultimately, the modular and transformable wedding dresses adhered not only to bridal aesthetics but also to increased sustainability by extending the product life and maintaining the memories of the client. 

The development was inspired by the drapes from cutting out the geometric shape on the patterns and fabrics. The detachable skirt applied a folding oval shape with pleats to create the volume so the curve line can fit with the waist. When it transforms into the coat, the curve line will be covered by the collar and the bow at the back will become the sleeve of the coat.

The second outcome was inspired by the triangular shapes which could also be seen as the dart. By combining the darts of the mermaid skirt and the dress top, the garment can be reversible. The mermaid skirt can be transformed into a dress for other occasions after the wedding day.

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