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Interpreting the Image of Urban New Women: Full of Ambition and Resilience, Powerful yet Dreamy and Shy

After completing her university studies in an unrelated field to bridal or fashion design, Syuan Lin discovered that her childhood dream was still beckoning to her as she entered the workforce. With determination, she made a resolute decision to switch careers and pursued her passion through self-study. Surprisingly, as a newcomer to the fashion industry, she outperformed her achievements from her college years in a completely different field. In her inaugural participation in a bridal design competition, she secured the championship title!

Inspired by the “Powerful yet Dreamy and Shy” Image of the New Women

“After studying industrial architecture and design in college, I entered a related industry after graduation, but I realized I didn’t have much passion for it!” By a stroke of fate, I found my current job at a bridal company in Taipei. In truth, my passion for clothing had already begun to sprout from a very young age! I used to love drawing clothes for girls, and I still keep those drawings to this day,” said Syuan.

In this bridal design competition, Syuan, who won the championship, named her work “ Start on a Journey.” “The theme of this competition was ‘The Love of the starry sky,‘ and I wanted to showcase the new women in the city, full of vitality and resilience!” Syuan said. She hoped to present a new woman who exudes a sense of dominance yet retains a touch of fantasy and shyness, brimming with creativity and self-confidence. Therefore, in terms of appearance (as shown in the illustrations), she leaned towards traditional styles but infused them with a fresh feeling through lace fabric and structural changes, making them different from conventional designs.

The most eye-catching design feature of this wedding dress lies in its structural part, where a detachable and movable train is used. The fabric consists of layers with a semi-transparent effect, revealing the legs, presenting the modern woman’s non-conformist, creative, and independent side, along with a subtle and alluring charm. 
“Using lace with a strip-like pattern to portray the new woman’s neatness, pink flowers represent a dreamy element, and feathered lace symbolizes freedom and flight, resonating with the name of my creation: ‘Journey,’” said Syuan.

Regarding the source of inspiration, besides observing the surrounding life for ideas, I also often search related websites and visit bookstores on holidays to browse through paintings or magazines to absorb new knowledge and information. Winning the championship has given Syuan tremendous encouragement. She said, “There is so much to learn, and in the future, if there is a chance, I would like to study abroad to absorb others’ thinking and stimulate my own creativity!”

The Statue Of Ambiguity - Creating Sculptures with Fabric reported by Artservatory

The Statue of Ambiguity reported by CAP74024  

Art Speaks the Intangible: The Eternal Connections of Cause, Destiny, Chance, and Encounter
reported by POPDAILY

A Fashion Montage of Future Dreams Found in the Magazines of Youth - Syuan Lin

In the most romantic era, without smartphones and computers, the favorite after-school entertainment for many girls was looking at beautiful clothes in fashion magazines. With the absence of digital media, they focused more on the present and the voice of their hearts. In that warm era, the lack of distractions allowed for the blossoming of many remarkable individuals and ideas, sowing the seeds for greatness. Fast forward to today, a cross-disciplinary encounter in the world of art begins with a dialogue box with Syuan Lin, a fashion designer based in the UK, in her vibrant virtual exhibition space (

Through this interview, we will delve into Syuan Lin’s artistic creations and design philosophy, listening to her unique insights and professional observations on fashion design. From her educational background to the details of her creative process, from her life experiences in Taiwan to the UK, and to the unique style and artistic inspiration evident in her works, we will explore her distinctive journey at the intersection of art and fashion.

A Beautiful Dream Chaser, Crossing Mountains and Valleys with No End in Sight

Syuan’s path to beauty was not without obstacles. Initially, she chose to study graphic design, industrial design, and architecture, rather than her true passion for fashion design. However, her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer was not easily dismissed. Her dedication to art and fashion eventually sprouted branches, leading her to give herself a year to work as an apprentice in a studio, learning pattern-making and sewing techniques. Subsequently, she stepped into the world of wedding dress design, becoming an outstanding junior designer. For Syuan, fashion design is a form of artistic expression, allowing her to convey stories through garment structures and connect with consumers. Her love for fashion, sparked in her early years by the pages of fashion magazines, resonated deeply with her, nurturing her into an exceptional contemporary fashion designer.

Venturing through Eastern and Western Cultures, Showcasing the Precious Essence of Life

England is truly a captivating land of culture and mist. Those who have lived or studied in the UK are bound to be deeply inspired by the rich cultural environment. Syuan is no exception. Through her experiences in the UK, she encountered people and backgrounds from diverse cultures, which broadened her creative perspective. As a result, she can delve deeper into her designs, exploring the meaning and value of creativity itself. She also pays attention to the sustainability and environmental issues in fashion, infusing her ideas into her works.

During our discussion of her works, Syuan shared two representative creations. The inspiration for “The Form of Human Life” comes from the irregular shapes of human body structures and plant pollen under a microscope. She skillfully utilizes different materials to create a flowing and unique effect, expressing the idea that each individual is unique and filled with possibilities.

In “Indelible Taiwan 2019,” she incorporated the art of lotus origami into textile experiments and used lotus motifs to symbolize her memories for her grandmother. This unique technique showcases Taiwan’s local folk customs and cultural charm, giving the artwork a dreamy and graceful allure.

In-depth Introduction of the Artwork ‘The Form of Human Life’: Expressing the Essence of Humanity and Existence

This work is deeply inspired by modern thinking, drawing inspiration from the irregular shapes of human bodies and plant pollen under a microscope. From the perspective of a flower and plant observer, it can present the colorful and flowing forms that are not easily visible to the naked eye. This is a rare fashion experiment where these unique shapes are showcased on fabrics and even worn on our bodies. It bridges the gap between typically distant art pieces or fashion items and explores the possibilities of connecting “humanity and nature’s essence.” The aim is to convey that each individual is unique, and our bodies contain endless richness.

To achieve this sense of flow, designer Syuan dares to experiment with different materials. She chooses to use various colors of synthetic hair, sandwiching them between soluble fabrics. Through delicate stitching and careful washing, she ensures their integrity, allowing these materials to be used for cutting and designing clothing. This creative process is akin to an artist using a brush to create an abstract painting; however, she must also consider how to preserve the unique characteristics of the fabrics once they become garments.

Such contemporary thinking showcases the designer’s courage to experiment and break free in her creations, as well as her keen attention to detail. Through the skillful use of materials and techniques, she successfully transforms inspiration into designs with a sense of flow and beauty. The creative process also demonstrates her pursuit of innovation, making this dress a unique and captivating piece of art.

In-depth Introduction of the Artwork ‘Indelible Taiwan 2019’: The Eternal Connections of Cause, Destiny, Chance, and Encounter

In this creation, designer Syuan faced the challenge of finding suitable materials and expressive methods to “lock” her memories of her grandmother and the folded lotus flowers within the artwork. Syuan experimented with various media to embody an important process in Taiwanese religious culture - the folding of paper lotus flowers during farewell ceremonies for the deceased - and burned different fabrics to explore the effects. 

In addition to digital printing, she also attempted other ways to transfer the lotus flower patterns onto fabrics, presenting various arrangements and combinations. The artwork utilizes fragmented and irregular lotus patterns, fused with organdy, attempting to convey the emotions she experienced during traditional funeral rituals, witnessing the burning of folded lotus flowers. Watching the paper lotus flowers gradually disappear into the furnace, just like bidding farewell to her grandmother, with the flames consuming hundreds of lotus flowers until they vanish.

This is a profoundly memorable and culturally impactful piece of work, demonstrating the designer’s profound reflection and emotional involvement in her creative journey. She expresses her contemplation and understanding of life and existence through artistic means. Through this artwork, she pays a complete tribute to her grandmother and memories while conveying the beauty of life’s impermanence and transience in art.

As art travels between different countries, we can witness the sparks and dynamics of cultural intersections, igniting numerous reflections that surpass mere forms and have profound historical origins. Certainly, it is undoubtedly an elegant form of international exchange, leveraging the soft power of art to fully showcase the unique beauty with the profound depth of traditions in physical works. Moreover, it addresses the issue of self-identity for many overseas learners and creators in their respective fields.

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